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1:1 mentorship

Individualized one-on-one mentorship for ultimate expansion with integrated support to walk with you along your wellness journey. Fall in love with your amazing body for who you are and live your most authentic version of you…

  • Self-discovery is the key to your greatest health transformation
  • Confidence around your food & wellness choices
  • Your whole life impacts your health, you just have to start


“The idea of eating and living a healthier life has always been a desire of mine but I didn’t know where to start and oftentimes got overwhelmed with information. This would lead me to give up and return to my normal unhealthy habits. Dawn provided a sensible plan of action on how to make small improvements to your life that will lead you to continually change your diet and lifestyle. ”


Individual Support
is key

When working together, you receive personalized mentorship, not another diet or workout plan. 


I meet you where you are & together we uncover what living a healthy & fulfilled lifestyle looks like for you and seek ways to make it enjoyable to!


You are an individual women, you deserve individual care when it comes to your wellness journey. Together we will get curious, dig deep into your individual needs and create a plan of action to get you goin that honors you in sustainability and fun. 

Limited 2023 spots now available


3 MONTH contract- payment plans available

What does a session entail?


We will connect face-to-face through Zoom to discover your individual needs and burning desires around your health and form a bond to launch you into your results, to make sure you get the support you need.



Life happens off schedule, so I want you to feel fully supported and connected to me as your mentor through the unexpected. You will have unlimited Voxer access to me, Monday - Friday. Voxer is a walkie-talkie type app that you can voice message or text through.

when we join forces, you’ll get:

Individualized mentorship

You are uniquely special, and your wellness blueprint should be aligned to treat you as such. 

One-on-one support

Could you go through this transformation solo? Absolutely! When we have support and encouragement, we get more than results, we THRIVE!

Confidence to do life on your terms

Together we’ll uncover your inner confidence for your desires of how you want to be living your life, how you want to feel, how you want your relationship with food to be.

Learn to love yourself & magnetize your relationships with others

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Dawn Marie

Lifestyle mentor 

Hello, I am Dawn Marie, a Lifestyle Mentor & the podcast host of Beyond The Plate helping women find themselves, ignite their natural energy & truly live in food freedom.


I am a natural developer of others by nature with a generator energy type within my human design. I am a certified integrative nutrition coach and I love supporting women to step into the life of their dreams naturally.


I’m a health and agriculture advocate, mama of 3, from rural Iowa. I am obsessed with helping others find a healthy lifestyle that will fit into their schedule and get them on the road to living their best life.

Love Your Body, Trust Yourself.